Tips for Finding Your Ideal Office Space

March 22, 2019

When you’re looking for a decent office space, there’s a whole load of things to consider, such as office size, location, rental costs, and more. Not sure how to go about finding the perfect office for your business? Here are a few tips:

1. Start looking early
It’s not easy to find an office to let in a hurry, so give yourself at least 6 months to do the job before you actually wish to move in. Then you’ll have time to make any further decisions without being under too much pressure.

2. Think about the culture and nature of your business
A perfect office space should be able to accommodate your business operations naturally, and it should create plenty of scope for you and your employments to respect the intended business culture. Think, too, about the business image you want to present to the outside world and avoid cutting corners when it comes to choosing your office.

3. Decide how much space you will need
You don’t want to pack in your employees so tightly that they can barely do the job you’re asking them to. It’s not comfortable for them, and it won’t be good for you if they don’t enjoy being there.

4. Take a checklist
You’ll be looking for the office to have certain features or be able to accommodate specific types of operation, so have a checklist you can bring with you when viewing potential offices. Then you can refer to your checklist(s) and see which offices cover the necessary bases.

5. Negotiate the rent
When you’re trying to find an office to let, don’t just accept the rental amount without question. The letting agent or landlord may have stated a rental price per month, but they may be willing to accept less, so speak to them and see if you can save money on your rent.

6. Consider your employees 
You should try to make your office space as central as possible. If employees face a long commute just to get to work, they may look for a job closer to home. Setting up an office that people can easily reach will help you to keep your staff turnover low.

7. Read the small print
Don’t let the owner rush you into signing any contracts, even if it’s for an office to let in a prime location. Sometimes they may hide costs or additional terms or conditions in the small print, so don’t sign anything until you’ve read the whole agreement and have clarified all the costs. If you rush through the agreement, you could miss something important and incur higher costs.

Think about all these things when you’re searching for an office, and you’ll find the ideal space for you and your employees to be productive and operate a successful business.